Control Box and Control Panels

Tuhorse control boxes are required to start and run single phase Tuhorse submersible "3-wire" well pumps. Built in overload protector protects motors from over current damage, and dual capacitors for smooth and reliable starting.

All Tuhorse single phase control boxes have a start and a run capacitors which can only be found in other brands' 2HP and larger control boxes due to the added cost in making these type of control boxes and the supported motors. The "part time" start capacitor ensures reliable starting. The proper sized run capacitor corrects the phase of the current so its sine wave is in sync with the voltage's to achieve the maximum efficiency possible. Tuhorse' engineers are willing to go steps further to provide you with a more reliable pump and keep your hydro less costly.

Tuhorse control panels are made for 3-phase 230V pumps. They are manual and automatic pumping controllers featuring overload protection and phase failure protection. Many of you may use the control panel as a 3-phase power switch and as a protection device, while others also install the included water level probes to prevent their low yield well's from running out of water, and the storage tank from over flooded. Probes can be used for just the well, just the storage tank or for both according to your requirement to form a fully automatic pumping system.