Note: All prices in this website are in US dollars.

Payment by PayPal / Credit Card

   For security measures and your peace of mind, accepts PayPal and Credit Card / Debit Card Payment through PayPal Payment Service only. Although a PayPal account may not be required for processing the card payments, we strongly recommend that you should log into your PayPal account to process the payment. Chance to get authorized for your payment is a lot higher if you already have a PayPal account.

    During the checkout process, you will temporarily leave our website and be directed to PayPal. This means we will not obtain or keep your credit card information in our system to better protect your payment information. When the payment process is completed with PayPal, you will be redirected to to complete the order.

Q & A for Card payments:

Q: I know my credit/debit card works, why is my payment getting declined or receiving the message "something was wrong in your payment" ? 

A:   Through consultation with PayPal Merchant Service, we have determined that the following practices help:

1) Due to the increasingly credit card fraud, we ship orders to the credit card billing address only. If you want your order ship to an address that is not registered in your credit card account, use PayPal payment instead.

2) Enter your name and billing address exactly the same as it is shown on the card statement.

3) Your card issuer may decline the payment based on your paying pattern, especially for out of your own country online purchases. Call your card issuer to let them know that you are making a payment to a Canadian company.

4) Try a different card instead.

5) Try placing your order with another computer or a tablet/smart phone.