Note: All prices in this website are in US dollars.

Payment by Credit Card: VISA / MasterCard / American Express

   For security measure and your peace of mind, strongly recommends to use the credit/debit card’s billing address for shipping your order. However, if the billing address is a PO Box or you must ship to a different address, you can still place an order using your desired shipping address, but your payment will be subject to verification. When an order needs to be verified, you will expect a call from us for additional information. Although we will work hard to get your payment verified and re-approved, but in the event of getting verification becomes difficult, may cancel the order on our solely decision.

Q & A for Card payments:

Q: I know my credit/debit card is in good standing, why my payment is declined or receiving the message "something was wrong in your payment"? 

A:   Through consultation with our credit card Merchant Service provider, we have determined that the following practices help:

1) Enter your name, billing address and zip code exactly the same as it is shown on the card statement.

2) Your card issuer may decline the payment based on your paying pattern, especially for out of your own country online purchases. Call your card issuer to let them know that you are paying online to a Canadian company.

3) Try a different card instead.

4) Try placing your order with another computer or a tablet/smart phone.