3HP / 2HP Control Panel, 460V 3-phase, with manual / automatic water level control

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For use with a submersible deep well water pump. Supports 2HP to 3HP three phase water pumps running on 460V

Features a full automatic mode with water level probes and manual mode.

     Model: TCP30T460

  • HP: 2/3HP
  • Voltage: 460V 3-Phase
  • Cycle: 60 Hz
  • Overload Protector: included, Maximum Amps adjustable
  • Phase Loss protection: included in auto mode
  • Water level probes: included
  • Micro Processor Control: yes
  • Housing Material: Steel
  • Knockout for wire: Two x 3/4"/1"/1.25" for power wires, One x 1/2" for sensor wire
  • Net weight: 7.7kg (17Lb)
  • Dimensions/Length:  44cm x 32cm x 20cm or 17-3/8" x 12-1/4" x 8"
  • Shipping Weight: 21 Lbs.  20"x14"x10"


More details:

* Steel Casing w/ lock and keys

* Manual mode controlling the motor On/Off for testing/diagnostic

* Also can be used with non-water-pump motors

* Water level probes are optional for installation, default bypassed

* Automatically controlling the motor by the probes' signal according to the water level in the well or in the cistern, or by other pilot device if used. 

* Connection Terminals accept up to #4 AWG wire

* 3 Phase magnet relay switch

* Built-in overload protection with fine turn

* Phase loss protection (auto mode only)

* Voltage, Amperage meters. Working status LED indicators

* For indoor and under cover mounting



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