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Total Dynamic Head (TDH) Calculator

Total Dynamic Head (TDH) Calculator

Flow Rate  
Pipe Diameter Inside diameter
Pipe Length Total length
Differential Elevation From water drawdown level to highest point in the pipe set up. Water drawdown level is defined as the lowest water level in the well, after long time pumping.
Pipe Material  
Pressure required?
(Check for Yes)
The average pressure in a domestic water system with a pressure tank used; or the pressure that is required for an application if a pressure tank is not used (e.g. a direct driven sprinkler system).
Total Dynamic Head TDH:


*Disclaimer: calculated values are preliminary steps and do not suggest your actual pump selection. See the model number guide or browse our product pages to find a series of pumps that will suit your needs.

Should you require any assistance at all with pump selection, please contact us with the above form's information for suggestions on your pump purchase.