About Us

   Welcome to Tuhorse.us!

   We are a water pump distributor in North America, serving the USA and Canadian market. With headquarters located in Annacis Business Park (a heavy industrial I-2 warehouse and manufacturing facility), Delta, B.C., Canada, and in New South Wales, Australia, Tuhorse has been serving our clients with quality water pumps for years. Our dealers and end-users are very satisfied with the quality, prices of our products and our services that make us a very fast growing company.

Tuhorse pumps are engineered to last. Our wide range of products include 3", 4" and 6" deep well submersible pumps, deep well solar pumps, shallow well pumps, garden pumps and general purpose centrifugal pumps.

Tuhorse TH series 3 inch, 4 inch and 6 inch submersible motors, pump-ends are made in NEMA standard for the couplings and Horse Power ratings. This is to ensure that they are interchangeable with virtually all the major North America brand name products. With Tuhorse's top ratings in both quality and pricing, you no longer have to pay a fortune to replace your faulty motor or pump-end with an expensive same name brand product. That is why we have so many resellers and installers switching to Tuhorse for servicing their customers.

Our goal is to serve you with quality Tuhorse products to save you time and money, and allow you to enjoy life.

Tuhorse - Raise water  Raise life