Timer for Solar Pump Controller

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A timer is used to automatically run/stop the pump at a specific time set by the user.

This timer is used with a Tuhorse solar pumps controller as an optional device. It should be set so that the solar pump runs during the time period with sufficient sun energy and stops during the time period when there is not enough sun energy.

By utilizing the timer, the solar pump will only run during the specified time frame and the likelihood of the pump running when there is not enough energy is greatly reduced or even eliminated. This prolongs the lifespan of the solar pump.


Technical Data

- The timer switch allows you set the time you would like the pump to run and stop at this specific time everyday. 

- The 2 connecters are "commonly closed" electronically. Connectors opened during the set time period. 

- Works together with tank level monitor(preferred) and well level monitor(setting will be opposite, not recommended)

- Connects to Tuhorse Control Boxes with ease 

- 3 feet of wire included to connect the +/- terminals of the timer to the control box

- Uses 4x AAA batteries (required and not included)


Note: This control box may not be compatible to third party products. It is design to use with Tuhorse solar pump control boxes.




1 Year