Solar Pump Control Box, 500W, for 3THS03S36V210, 3THS04S48V500 and 4THS07S48V500

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Solar Pump Control Box for 210W 36V, 370W 36V and 500W 48V Tuhorse Solar Pumps

Package includes:

500 Watts solar pump control box

 Auto control box specifications:

Optimize pumping efficiency with MPPT according to sunlight condition and
 solar panel used
Fully automatic pumping mode through the use of either or both 
 water level sensors in well and in storage tank
Bypass sensors for application does not require water level monitoring
Manual motor speed adjustment accommodate low-yield-well in 
 lower head application
Adjustable timer add time for low-yield-well to recover in automatic mode
Low power, over voltage and over current protections.
Dry run protection in automatic mode
Solar and battery power input
MPPT Maximum Power Point Tracking system
48V input, allow up to 100Voc (solar panel open circuit)



When multiple panels are used, it is recommended to use identical panels in the array
Do not use panel array that exceeds 100volts of Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)
Maximum power of the panel array is 160% of the motor's power rating

1 year


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    All products

    Posted by Chris Ulmer on 2nd Oct 2022

    The tech guy has provided me with 100% the best service and quality products. 5 Stars !!

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    SOLAR PUMP CONTROL BOX, 500W, FOR 3THS03S36V210, 3THS04S48V500 AND 4THS07S48V500

    Posted by Luis Irizarry on 2nd Aug 2022

    Had a system installed and burned out by lightning. Contacted Tuhorse and I ended up buying two boxes in order to have one spared. Sure enough. One of those burned out as well. Overall, the system works without a problem but it is susceptible to lighting. The equipment did not come with any instructions for grounding or for understanding the operation of the control box. No warranty paperwork was included even though it allegedly has two years warranty. So, I sucked it up and installed the second one. Customer service was attentive and willing to assist. Would I recommend this product? Despite the issues…Yes.

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    Solar pump control box

    Posted by john Wirths on 8th May 2021

    I have purchased a bunch of the pumps and controllers for deep well water installations where is is too expensive to have grid power. I have had some problems with a few but that is to be expected and some of the problems were caused by me. However, in every case, the company has bent over backwards to make it right. The units work like they are supposed to and last a long time.

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    The only thing better than Tuhorse products is their service

    Posted by Ann & John Richmond on 20th Oct 2019

    Support has been walking us through fixing our pump, as you can see we have purchased some parts. Got the pump up and following your instructions it is now pumping as it should. Thank you for leading through every step of the way.

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    Posted by Michael Per on I on 30th Sep 2018

    What can I say. Exceptional service, Customer service and exceptional products I'll be recommending your products to all my Friends and Neighbors.

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    solor control box

    Posted by Gary F. on 20th Jan 2016

    The control box is easy to wire and understand. My only complaint is how to mount it. It has 4 screw holes on the back but no screws included. So I have to go to hardware store to try to find screws to match the holes and then try to match holes to holes on a mounting board. I'm not a carpenter. I think it should have a flange or eyelets on the outside that I can just drill through with metal screws. That would be so much simpler and faster.

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    works great

    Posted by Barry Baehr on 5th Oct 2015

    speedy service as usual