Solar Pump Control Box, 1000W, for 4THS10C110V1000

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Solar Pump Control Box for 1000W 110V  Tuhorse solar pumps


Package includes:

1000 Watts solar pump control box

 Auto control box specifications:

Optimize pumping efficiency with MPPT according to sunlight condition and
solar panel used
Fully automatic pumping mode through the use of either or both
water level sensors in well and in storage tank
Bypass sensors for application does not require water level monitoring
Manual motor speed adjustment accommodate low-yield-well in
lower head applications
Adjustable timer add time for low-yield-well to recover in automatic mode
Low power, over voltage and over current protections.
Dry run protection in automatic mode
110V nominal input voltage, 90V - 139V input range.
Maximum 200Voc (solar panel array open circuit voltage)



When multiple panels are used, it is recommended to use identical panels in the array
Do not use panel array that exceeds 200volts of Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)
Maximum power of the panel array is 160% of the motor's power rating

1 year