4" 500W Solar Powered Submersible Deep Well Pump 4THS07S48V500

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500 Watts, 7 Gallon Per Minute

4THS07S48V500 Solar Water Pump Features

Fit 4" inside diameter and larger wells (minimum well ID to fit is 3-15/16" )
Helical rotor design for high head, high pressure
Work directly with solar panel without the need of battery, however
the control box support battery input for extended operation
Dry Run protection through application of water level sensor
Maximum Power Point Tracking system (MPPT), low power protection
Soft start, DC solar power is converted to 3-phase power to the pump motor
Maximum submersion - 150 feet

Package includes

4", 500 Watts, stainless steel solar pump and motor w/ 9 ft. lead
Automatic Control Box
2 x water level sensor for setting up your automatic pumping system
2 x 6 ft. MC4 cable with M-F connectors, for connecting solar panel to control box
Heat shrink kit for watertight connection
User's manual
1 year warranty


Pump Specifications:

Pump power:  500W, 48V-DC nominal operating power
Pump type:    Helical Rotor
Max flow:     11GPM
Rated flow: 7GPM
Max head:    230 feet
Discharge:    1" NPTF
Pump Diameter, length: 3-3/4" x 16" (95mm x 410mm)
Pump Net weight: 17Lb (8kg), excluding control box
Package Weight:  36Lb / 16kg, including control box
Package Dimensions: 15"x26"x8"

Auto control box specifications:

Optimize pumping efficiency with MPPT according to sunlight condition and
 solar panel used
Fully automatic pumping mode through the employ of either or both 
 water level sensors in well and in storage tank
Bypass sensors for application does not require water level monitoring
Adjustable motor speed to accommodate low-yield-well and to protect motor from over powered
Adjustable timer add time to allow low-yield-well to recover in automatic mode
Low power protection
Dry run protection in automatic mode
Solar or battery power input
48V input, allow up to 100Voc (solar panel open circuit)
Maximum input current 10 amps

Recommended Solar Panels (NOT included):

Option 1: 2 x 190W to 300W Panels in series connection ( up to 160ft.)

Option 2: 4 x 190W to 250W Panels. 2 in series set, then parallel to the other 2 in series set  to reach maximum head

Option 3: 3 x 120W to 160W Panels in series connection ( up to 160ft.)

Option 4: 4 x 95W to 120W Panels. 2 in series set, then parallel to the other 2 in series set( up to 160ft.)

Option 5: 8 x 95W to 120W Panels. 4 in series set then parallel to the other 4 in series set to reach maximum head


* Note:

When multiple panels are used, it is recommended to use identical panels in the array

Do not use panel array that exceeds 100volts of Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)

Maximum power of the panel array is 150% of the motor's power rating


1 year warranty (return to BC Canada*) Note: Tuhorse full solar pump kits with solar panel offer two years warranty. Consider to choose from a full kit SKUs to buy.


  • 5

    Posted by Pablo on 1st Mar 2023

    Very nice pump very good service

  • 5

    Posted by Luis Irizarry on 1st Aug 2022

    I have used this product for over 2 years and have nothing but the best to say about the product. The pump has worked without a glitch. The only complaint I would have is with regards to the lack of detailed installation instructions, or batteries installation for night time or when no sun and no manual for understanding the control box’s operations and it’s capabilities. I did have an issue with lightning burning the box. I called and spoke with support. His service and willingness to help was impeccable. Great job. I would recommend this product to anyone looking at going off-grid any day. The system has helped me disconnect the well from the house, avoiding having to use power from the solar system in the house. 100% recommended!!!

  • 5
    Been in the well for three weeks, So far so good!

    Posted by Stephen Driver on 1st Apr 2019

    I installed the pump, control box and solar panels myself. It was a bit of stretch for me, but the Tuhorse agent was most helpful and kept me from screwing things up. It all works as advertised, for now, and the true value of the pump will reveal itself over time. I am very happy right with my system right now and it is fullfilling my expectations