3" 500W Solar Powered Submersible Pump 3THS04S48V500

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3THS04S48V500 Solar Water Pump Features

- Fits 3 1/4" inside diameter and larger well (does not fit 3" ID)
- Brushless motor, permanent magnetic motor rotor
- Helical rotor design for high head, high pressure
- Works directly with solar panels without the need of battery
- Dry Run protection through application of well water level sensor
- Maximum Power Point Tracking system (MPPT)
- Low power, over voltage, over current protections
- Maximum submersion depth - 150 feet

Package includes

- 3" 500 Watts, stainless steel solar pump and motor w/ 9 ft. lead
- Automatic Control Box
- 1 x well water level sensor, 1 x cistern water level sensor for setting up automatic pumping
- 2 x 10 ft. MC4 cable with M-F connectors, for connecting solar panel to control box
- Heat shrink kits for watertight connection
- Installation guide
- 1 year warranty

Pump Specifications:

- Pump power: 500W, 48V-DC nominal operating power ( minimum 30V DC for low head application )
- Pump type: Helical Rotor
- Rated Flow: 4GPM
- Max flow: 6.5GPM
- Max head: 400 feet (120 meters)
- Discharge: 3/4" NPTF
- Pump Diameter, length: 3" x 16" (76mm x 410mm)
- Pump Net weight: 12Lb (5.5kg), excluding control box
- Package Weight: 29Lb / 13kg, including control box and accessories

Auto control box specifications:

Optimize pumping efficiency with MPPT according to sunlight condition and solar panel used

Fully automatic pumping mode through the employ of either or both

water level sensors in well and in storage tank

Bypass sensors for application does not require water level monitoring

Manual motor speed adjustment accommodate low-yield-well in

lower head application

Adjustable timer add time for low-yield-well to recover in automatic mode

Low power, over voltage and over current protections.

Dry run protection in automatic mode

Solar and battery power input

MPPT Maximum Power Point Tracking system

48V input, allow up to 100Voc (solar panel open circuit)

Daily production with 6 hours peak sun-- Tested with 1x 280W 72-cell panel(not included)
Head (ft.) Gallon / min Gallon / day
150 ft. 1.8 Gal 650 Gal
120 ft. 2.8 Gal 1000 Gal
90 ft. 3.9 Gal 1400 Gal
60 ft. 4.5 Gal 1620 Gal
30 ft. 5.5 Gal 1980 Gal


Daily production with 6 hours peak sun-- Tested with 2x 280W 60-cell panel(not included)
Head (ft.) Gallon / min Gallon / day
250 ft. 2.3 Gal 830 Gal
220 ft. 3 Gal 1080 Gal
180 ft. 4 Gal 1440 Gal
130 ft. 5.5 Gal 1980 Gal
100 ft. 6 Gal 2160 Gal
50 ft. 6.6 Gal 2300 Gal


Recommended Solar Panels (NOT included):

Option 1: 2 x 190W to 280W Panels in series connection (for up to 180ft TDH)

Option 2: 4 x 190W to 250W Panels. 2 in series-parallel connection to reach maximum head

Option 3: 3 x 135W to 160W Panels in series connection (for up to 180ft TDH)

Option 4: 6 x 135W to 160W Panels. 3 in series then parallel to the other 3 to reach maximum head

Option 5: 4 x 95W to 120W Panels. 2 in series-parallel connection (for up to 180ft TDH)

Option 6: 8 x 95W to 120W Panels. 4 in series then parallel to the other 4 to reach maximum head


When multiple panels are used, it is recommended to use identical panels in the array

Do not use panel array that exceeds 100volts of Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)

Maximum power of the panel array is 150% of the motor's power rating.
If over 150% rating panel array is used, turn the knob to lower the motor speed to prevent from over powering the motor.
Lower the motor speed for the pump just to be able to pump water at moderate sun condition.

This pump is Not recommended to be used for over 350 feet of total dynamic head.


1 year warranty (return to BC Canada*) Note: Tuhorse full solar pump kits with solar panel offers two year warranty. Consider purchasing a full kit instead for two year warranty.


  • 5
    Great Well Pump Setup

    Posted by Sam Parker on 28th Aug 2022

    I’ve been so pleased with my first pump and controller I bought a complete second setup. Great customer service as well.

  • 5
    Most economic solar system available

    Posted by Gary W. Hild on 7th Apr 2018

    Purchased this system in March 2016 and I have a 1000 gal cistern and installed this well pump almost two years ago. It pumps 2-3 gallons per minute, more than I need for my orchard drip irrigation system and personal use. I installed the system with the help of a friend and my pickup to lower the pump suspended on a 3/16" s/s cable. I still have not replaced the rather simple pump itself that was sent along in the box, but I think it shouldn't be too difficult to replace it if and when it does fail. I haven't any regrets in purchasing this pump or the 4 each 250-watt solar modules that will I will soon use with a grid-tied inverter to offset my power from my provider since I do not need the well operating all of the time and the solar panels standing by doing nothing. I investigated other systems and every one of them were more expensive, but since I always try to do all of my own work concerning everything, I don't think this system is for everyone especially those who rely on paid workers to provide expert work, but that is my impression about the unqualified workers that are in the workforce today and from my personal experiences with outside/paid help. Since I am the supervisor, designer and chief worker who instructs the assistants I am satisfied with the performance of this pump.My well is 310' deep with water at 275' most of the year and I would recommend this pump to anyone with an understanding of pumping, head pressure, concrete, plumbing, electrical, solar power, welding(I made my own framework to tilt and rotate the solar array as I am located next to a tall pine forest so most of my sun comes from south to the southwest setting sun)I hope my neighbors harvest their trees(jungle)someday and spare me the damage from them falling on my property.

  • 5
    better then described

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Feb 2013

    better then described ,,, very good one on one phone support