Splice Kit (Full Kit with 12" outer tube) for pump wire, AWG #10 #12 #14, Submersible

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#10 splice kit with outer sleeve (Full Kit)

10-12-14 deep well pump flat cable splice kit comes with a 1.1" x 12" black outer sleeve, 4 x butt connectors and 4 x 3M™ clear dual wall heat shrink tubing that are suitable for connecting #10, #12 #14 wires . The tubing used in these kits was developed especially for groundwater applications. The inner wall of a special thermoplastic adhesive melts and flows when heat is applied. The tubing rapidly shrinks to a skin-tight fit, forcing the melted adhesive to flow and cover the substrate.  Upon cooling the adhesive solidifies, forming a permanent flexible, waterproof barrier. The clear tubing allows the additional advantage of seeing inside the splice.

Ideally using for connecting the jacketed ( flat or round ) cable for a submersible deep well water pump and other water tight applications.

Instructions come with the kit.

Made in the USA