Lot of 6: 43-53 uF or 43-52 MFD Motor Start Capacitor 091A043B220CD6A by (BMI)

Barker Microfarads
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Here is a lot of 6 identical capacitors selling at a discounted price. If you wish to exchange some of them for lower priced capacitors that are listed in our web store, you can send us a message and write a note when you complete the checkout and payment. However, the price difference will not be credited due to the added labour in pick and pack.

To get a mix and match lot of 6, you will have to purchase the most expensive package to start.

We will try our best to ship what you request but if we miss your message and the note, we will ship you just what you purchased.



This Barker Microfarad (Made in USA) AC motor start capacitor is suitable for use in Franklin water pump Control Box 2801034915 , CRC 2824055015 and other control boxes that use the same single phase motor capacitor requirements.

43-53 MFD (uF) 220VAC or some patch we received is 43-52 MFD, they work the same. We will randomly pick from our stock unless customer specify.

3.35" height x 2.15" diameter.

MFG# 091A043B220CD6A

The start capacitor in a motor control box is considered a consumable part. Capacitors tend to lose capacitance over time and/or use, and need to be replaced when the capacitance drops 10% below the described range, or electrolyte leaking is observed.


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