86-103 MFD (uF) Motor Start Capacitor 091A086B220CD6A by BMI

Barker Microfarads
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High quality capacitor made in the USA by Barker Microfarads (BMI)
For Franklin 3/4HP and 1HP Control Box 2801074915, CRC 2824085015 and other similar control boxes
86-103 MFD (uF) 220VAC 50/60Hz
Compatible replacement for Franklin Part# 275464118  and Tuhorse part# 88capTCB

MFG# 091A086B220CD6A

3.35" height x 2.15" diameter

The start capacitor in a motor control box is considered a consumable part. Capacitors tend to lose capacitance over time and/or use, and need to be replaced when the capacitance drops 10% below the described range or electrolyte leaking is observed.

No Warranty for Electronic Components


  • 5

    Posted by Rod on 8th Sep 2023

    Very reasonably priced

  • 5
    Fixed my pump motor

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Nov 2022

    So far so good

  • 5

    Posted by Powell Trucking on 27th May 2022

    Made my water work again.

  • 5
    Quick delivery, solved problem, saved money

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Jun 2018

    An exact replacement - works well - delivered quickly and a lot cheaper than buying local. I will be back.

  • 1
    Didn't work

    Posted by Cynthia McMillan on 26th Apr 2017

    There must have been a short or something - died on the first attempt. As well, even though there's a Canadian branch for this company, it was sent via BC to us in Quebec, so took quite a while to arrive. With the exchange, it was a $50 mistake for us. Tuhorse support wrote: Sorry to hear that the capacitor did not fix the problem. Burning out a new capacitor usually is because a short circuit other than the capacitor itself. In this incident, the pump wire or the motor might have a short. If the overload protector(reset button) is bad or the "reset" button was pushed while the power is on, high amps will go through the capacitor to cause it softly exploded. Note to buyers: The "Reset" in the control boxes of Franklin Electric, Goulds or almost all other brands are actually a overload protector (a recoverable fuse). Do not force it to reset while the power is on. Let it freely trips should a short circuit cause high current. Reset it only when the power is off. If it trips in several tests, you should resolve the problem causing the "reset" to trip to avoid burning out the capacitor and other damages.

  • 5

    Posted by Hugo on 4th Apr 2016

    perfect, original part.

  • 4
    Motor Start Capacitor - can't pump water without one!

    Posted by Cy Hudson on 15th Oct 2014

    I just bought a new house and it had a well. My father-in-law (an old pump and well guy) looked at the pump house and checked the pump control just to see what was inside. He noticed that the capacitor seemed to be leaking a bit of fluid - he told me this indicates that the cap is old and may fail. Needless to say, I started looking for one and found the proper cap with Tuhorse. They were easy to order from and fast to ship. The part arrived and I got it installed with no issue. I have since purchased a 2nd one, just to have a spare. You never really worry about the well and pump until you can't get any water and that's just a bit too late...

  • 5
    Motor Start Capacitor

    Posted by Mike on 29th Sep 2013

    Great service and correct part. Saved me from buying complete well control. Thank you.