270-324 MFD (uF) Motor Start Capacitor by BMI, compatible replacement part for Franklin 275468119 and Tuhorse 5HP Start Capacitor

Barker Microfarads
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This Barker Microfarad (Made in USA) AC motor start capacitor is suitable for use in Franklin 5HP Standard Control Box 2821138110, Deluxe Control Box 2821139310 , Tuhorse TCB50M230DLX, Tuhorse TCB50M230 and other control boxes that use the same capacitor.

Compatible replacement for Franklin Part# 275468119

4-3/8" height x 2-1/16" diameter.  

270-324 MFD (uF) 250VAC.

Note that this capacitor may be smaller in physical size. The withstand voltage is 250V which is higher than the requirement of 220V. User may need to adjust the holder plate to hold this capacitor tight. Electronically this capacitor works 100% the same. 

The start capacitor in a motor control box is considered a consumable part. Capacitors tend to lose capacitance over time and/or use, and need to be replaced when the capacitance drops 10% below the described range or electrolyte leaking is observed.

No Warranty for Electronic Components