4" 1500W (2HP) 45GPM Solar Powered Submersible Deep Well Pump and Control Box Set

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1500 Watts Stainless Steel Impellers Deep Well Pump and Control Box (4THS45C150V1500)

This solar pump can be operated with 4 to 6 same or same rated solar panels in series connection to form an array. Each array should includes the same panels of 280W to 330W, 60-cell(not supplied in this kit). Do not mix panels with different rating in the array.

Refer to the pump curve for the performance using 4, 5 or 6 of 280W 60 cell panels. 

This solar pump may be used for irrigation, supplying water for animals, keeping up a fish pond...

Package includes:

4" 1500 Watts (2HP), stainless steel solar pump and motor

Power Input: Solar DC 90 to 200V or AC 90V to 120V 50/60Hz, Auto Range

Automatic control box
2 x water level sensor for setting up automatic pumping
2 x 10 ft. MC4 cable w/ M-F connectors, for connecting solar panel to control box
Heat shrink splice kit for watertight connection
Installation guide
1 year warranty (return to BC Canada*)

Example: Performance using 6 x 280W Solar panels(not included in the package) 

Production based on 6 hours peak sun daily 
Head (ft.) Gallon / min Gallon / day
160 ft. 19 Gal. 6840 Gal
100 ft. 35 Gal 12600 Gal
70 ft. 45 Gal 16200 Gal
40 ft. 55 Gal 19900 Gal


4THS45C150V1500 Solar Water Pump Specifications:  

Fit 4" inside diameter and larger well
1500W / 2HP, 150V-DC nominal operating power or AC 100 to 120V
2" NPTF discharge (outlet)
45GPM rated, 50GPM Max.
8 Stages stainless steel impellers design
Pump Diameter, length: 4" x 30" (100mm x 750mm)
Pump Net weight: 33Lb (15kg), excluding control box
Package Weight: 60Lb / 27kg, including control box
Soft start, DC solar power/AC power converted to 3-phase to power the pump motor
Maximum submersion - 150 feet

Auto control box specifications:

Optimize pumping efficiency with MPPT according to sunlight condition and
solar panel used
Fully automatic pumping mode using water level sensor(s)
Bypass sensors for application that does not require water level monitoring
Low power protection, overload protection
Dry run protection in automatic mode
Maximum input withstand Voc = 400V (solar panel array open circuit voltage)
Maximum input current 12.5 amps

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1 year warranty (return to BC Canada*) Note: Tuhorse full solar pump kits with solar panel offer two years warranty. Consider to choose from a full kit SKUs to buy.