Solar DC / AC Power Auto Switch Box for 4THSG Series 2-Wire Solar Pumps, up to 2200W with 2 Water Level Probes

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DC/AC Input Auto/Manual Switch Box with Water Level Probes Control


1) Power Source Switching: Auto or Manual switching the input between Solar Panel and AC Power (grid or power generator)

2) Water Level Monitoring: For switching on/off the pump according to the water level of the well and/or cistern.

Power Source Switching and Water Level Monitoring can be applied simultaneously. 

Application Examples

1) If you are currently using a Tuhorse 4THSG series 750W to 2200W solar pump on solar panel, and you wish to use an AC 120V/240V power as back up during a rainy day or to run the pump at night, the Auto Switch Box is your solution. Connect both power sources to this Auto Switch. On a sunny day, the solar panel will supply the power to the pump's control box and the pump. When sun energy goes low, the power source will be switched over to the AC grid power automatically.

2) This device also adds water level monitoring to Tuhorse 4THSG series solar pump. To prevent pumping dry the well, install the included probe into your well. When the water level reaches below the probe, the control switch will shut off the pump and wait for 30 minutes for the well to recover and then restart the pump again. The other probe can be installed in the cistern where you want to stop the pump to prevent overflowing.


Included In the Package

1) 1x THADSW2200 Solar DC / AC Power Auto Switch Box for 4THSG Series 2-Wire Solar Pumps

2) 2x Water Level Probes


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