12/3 w/ Ground, flat HD copper submersible pump wire, UL listed, 50ft - 400ft variants

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This is a AWG #12, 12/3 with ground, jacketed Heavy Duty submersible pump copper wire, suitable for 3-wire submersible pumps that require 3 wires and 1 ground wire. Total 4 conductors, stranded wires

Working temperature up to 75°C, Voltage up to 600V.

Made in the USA, UL listed, RoHS Certified. 

For example:

This wire is suitable for use with Tuhorse's TH4 and TH6 series submersible pumps. Refer to our drop wire table to choose the proper gauge wire.

– Operating temperature range -40° C to 75° C
– Resistant to acid, abrasion, alkalis, flame, gas, and oil
– Water resistant
– Cable is sequentially marked

– For wiring within the casing of deep well submersible water pumps.

Annealed bare stranded copper conductors PVC insulated and run parallel with a PVC black jacket to form a 75°C 600 Volt Multi-Conductor Submersible Pump Cable.

UL Listed per UL 83 Type THW as Deep Well Submersible Pump Cable.


  • 5
    Submersible cable

    Posted by Shawn Spencer on 17th Apr 2024

    The service and delivery was excellent

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    easy to install works great

    Posted by Frank on 31st Oct 2023

    very good product and arrived very quickly. Thanks

  • 5
    Excellent pumps

    Posted by AOC SERVICES on 1st Dec 2022

    This pump 3" are excellent pump better grunfos I'm very happy with this product. Installed in one house and this pump give water all the house.

  • 5

    Posted by Tom on 24th Sep 2021

    Wirework great came in a timely fashion

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    Great Product & Sevice.

    Posted by Jordan A on 16th Jun 2020

    This product was exactly what I needed for my project and is excellent quality. Great customer service and very accommodating. I would highly recommend! Thanks again. Jordan A.

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    A Robust wire harness!

    Posted by Allen Vaughan on 25th Jun 2019

    When I removed the old pump, I noticed that the original wiring was quite worn in many places, probably due to the fact that I had installed a "new" replacement pump two years ago (it certainly didn't last long, now did it!) of a very popular brand. At any rate, the new wire harness is for a three-wire configuration pump. The exterior material is thick and robust. I suspect, since I had not installed the torque arresting modules the last time, that considerable chafing had occurred as the pump swung around inside the well pipe. I would highly recommend that you buy at least TWO of those torque arrestors, and install them at five feet intervals from the well pump. That should stop the swinging around down in the well pipe, and prevent any damage from chafing. Also, build your own pump sheath, to direct water from the bottom, instead of from all directions, so as to keep the pump motor cooled more effectively. just get some 4-inch pvc pipe, cut it so that there is ample room (about 4 inches) at the top, and about a foot from the bottom of the pump. At the top, make long pyramidal cuts, about 4 inches from the end. Make it look like a backgammon-style set of cuts, down the length of the pipe. Then, simply get a grill lighter, one that will broadcast a good, blue flame, and heat the plastic, pushing the pyramids inward. And finally, use some waterproof tape, and install the inlet pipe at the top of the well pump, sealing off the top of the pump with the tape. Two last things: First, make certain that you add a check valve above the well impeller assembly! Finally, on the pump sheath, I added a set of four nylon-constructed bolts, at the point where they would touch the bottom of the well motor housing. In this way, the pump, while creating a big vacuum, will most likely cavitate and swing around inside the sheath. You don't want that! Any area of the pump housing that doesn't get some fresh water circulating outside the housing WILL create a hot spot. The bolts keep the sheath at equal distances from the motor housing, ensuring equal flow around the housing body. Just a few tid bits of advice.

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    12/3 wire

    Posted by DB on 20th Nov 2014

    Excellent wire, well made, easy to work with.

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    Great item

    Posted by Mary on 6th Oct 2014

    I had a hard time purchasing the amount of feet, that I needed in this product. So it was so nice to find your company on the internet. Thank you for great service.