6" 10HP 3-Phase 230V full Stainless Steel Enclosure Motor (water cool)

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Stainless Steel Motor. Water Cool and Lubrication. Motor will be filled with purified water prior to shipping the order. This full S.S. motor is for mission critical duty, it is equipped with water bearing advanced technology. Running the motor at full speed of 3450 RPM is recommended. Using a VFD running at less than 2800 RPM is not recommended. 

Control box (control panel) is not required, but a three phase power switch with overload protection is mandatory. Includes manual.


  • HP: 10HP
  • NEMA Standard
  • Compatible to NA major name brand products
  • Voltage: 230V Three Phase
  • Cycle: 60 Hz
  • Operating Amperage: 30 A
  • Motor RPM: 3450 RPM
  • Stages: n/a
  • Maximum Flow: N/A
  • Maximum Head: N/A
  • Typical Flow: N/A
  • Suction Port: N/A
  • Discharge Port: N/A
  • Built-in Check-valve: N/A
  • Housing Material: Stainless Steel
  • Impeller Material: N/A
  • Motor Enclosure: Stainless steel
  • Motor Bearing / Lubrication:  Water lubricated thrust bearing, water filled lubrication
  • Duty: Continuous or up to 15 restarting cycles / hour
  • Control Box: Control Box (Control Panel) Optional
  • Net Weight: 85 lbs
  • Dimensions/Length: 27.5"
1 Year