20HP TH6-250-06 460V 3-Phase, Pump-end and Motor

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170.00 LBS

Sorry, this item is out of stock. Please buy one of the full stainless steel version instead: 20HP TS626005T460 or TS620006T460 , or a 30HP TS626008T460 

Complete pump end and motor set. Control box (control panel) is not mandatory, but a three phase power switch with overload protection is required. Complete Instructions.


  • HP: 20HP
  • Voltage: 460V Three Phase
  • Cycle: 60 Hz
  • Operating Amperage: 25 A
  • Motor RPM: 3450 RPM
  • Stages: 6
  • Maximum Head:390 ft.
  • Maximum Flow(0-150ft.): 290 GPM
  • Rated Flow: 250GPM
  • Typical Flow: 270GPM @ 180ft; 250GPM @ 210ft; 200GPM @ 270ft; 150GPM @ 320 ft; 100GPM @ 350ft
  • Suction Port: Center Suction
  • Discharge Port: 3 in NPT Female
  • Built-in Check-valve: Yes
  • Housing Material: Stainless Steel
  • Impeller Material: Thermal Plastic
  • Motor Enclosure: Stainless steel
  • Duty: Continuous or up to 20 restarting cycles / hour
  • Control Box: Three phase power switch with overload protection is required.
  • Weight: 165 lbs
  • Dimensions/Length: N/A


Minimum requirement for operating the motor is a non-fused 3-phase power switch and a 3-phase overload protector / Circuit breaker. The protector / breaker must be the type of those that shut off all 3-phase when one or more phase is overloaded. Do NOT use a fused switch that could burn out one of the phase. Do NOT use three individual 1-Phase breakers. You must use a real 3-phase protector / breaker or a protection device that does not cause phase loss (missing phase) problem.

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