4" Pump Flow Sleeve Kit for 1.50 inch discharge/outlet

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2.00 LBS

Pump Sleeve Kit / Flow Sleeve Kit for 4" Pump with 1 1/2 inch outlet

Protect your 4" pump's motor from overheating and extend its life. More Info.

This FlowSleeve kit comes with everything shown in the 2 photos -- discharge covers, motor centrer, discharge grommet, screws and assembly instructions.

All you need is a 4" ID PVC pipe of appropriate length, and you're ready to assemble your sleeve! 

PVC pipe with thinner wall ( e.g. Class 125 or SDR 35) usually has larger inside diameter, which is recommended to use for making a pump sleeve. SDR 35 is not rated for drinking water, for using with irrigation pump only.


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    Poor Design & Workmanship

    Posted by Ray Watkins on 5th Aug 2014

    The upper two pieces of the kit did not fit together properly in that they were either cast incorrectly or were distorted while the plastic was still warm out of the mold. The condition was so bad that once the two pieces were assembled the outside diameter of this upper part was too large to fit inside the PVC pipe. The bottom piece did fit properly inside of the PVC pipe. The bottom part is intended to center the pump in the sleeve but because the stainless steel cover for the wiring protrudes an amount equal to the total PVC to pump clearance, the lower part does not effectively center the pump in the sleeve. Additionally the locations for the screws that hold the upper parts together are so small that once you install the screws, there is not enough structural integrity to remove and reinstall the screws, they are effectively stripped by the minimal torque it takes just to install the screws all the way into the part. An average DIYer could buy some PVC pipe and some EPDM rubber and build a better system with less hassle and cost. Don't buy this part unless the manufacturer does a redesign and improves their quality control.